1888twigman  Willow Lane

If you are looking for twig furniture, rustic detailing and creative ideas to help you create an environment that says you love Nature's materials in their most raw form, you have come to the right place.  Lane McClelland has been in the business of making high quality, well designed and comfortable willow furniture for over  25 years. 

In addition to furniture, there is nothing we like better than taking generic buildings and giving them a rustic makeover. We offer rustic fireplace facades and mantels, custom milling, porch covers, rustic siding for interiors and exteriors. The wood we use in most of our projects comes from local mountains...... cedar, oak and pine killed from disease, fire, or drought. The death of our trees in the backcountry is heartbreaking but we consider it an honor to be able to resurrect them into a different form of beauty to live with and enjoy again.

Our building projects include strawbale construction of walls, small outbuildings and "ruins". Counter